Evangelical preacher and erstwhile presidential candidate Pat Robertson recently revealed the content of his conversation with God during which God foretold that Donald Trump would be reelected president, chaos, civil disorder and even assassination would follow and then time as we know it would end. Given that Preacher Pat is 90 years old and probably somewhat hard of hearing, we can’t be sure if the preacher did not miss a simple word like “if” as  in “if” Trump is reelected the following events would ensue. Either way the Robertson message, perhaps, contrary to his intentions, was subliminally more likely to encourage people to vote for Joe Biden if only to escape the chaos and continue our lives because life is the most precious gift from God.


The final presidential debate was a welcome respite from the previous circus. It was also proof that if admonished properly you can get even a fifth grader to behave. However, there is no reason to press your luck by holding another such event. A misbehaving child can hold himself in control only so long even when artificial restraints such as a mute button are put in place.


There were amusing moments such as when President Trump asserted that no one has done more for the black community since Abraham Lincoln and voiced his hesitancy about employing wind energy feigning concern for birds. In summary, partisans like myself came away smiling genuinely believing that their candidate came out on top in overwhelming fashion.


Substantively, there were several  significant takeaways. Joe Biden was ultimately refreshingly honest albeit in a circuitous manner. Despite his advisers. Unfortunately, this may not help him in a a critical state like Pennsylvania. He took on a hot button controversial issue which may cost him more than a few votes. Fracking was the subject and Biden’s deeply held position of reaching carbon free energy sufficiency in the near future was hotly debated. To be honest, fracking serves the fossil fuel energy industry, its owner and employees, and no one else. It does not serve the consumer since fracking is dirty and costly. It raises the cost of energy and harms the environment. Biden was compelled at one point to state  that he would not ban fracking, but he later stated that his goal was for American to be carbon free.   Was this a gaffe? Yes and no. It was a politician’s dilemma and Biden tried to play the politician, but then reverted to what he does best: be honest with the American people.


The most important issues however involved Covid19 and the  Affordable Healthcare Act. Trump continued to hammer away at the unsubstantiated corruption and unjust enrichment of Biden, his son and brothers. Biden replied tersely, but then moved on to offer specifics on the two crucial subjects. I came away with the message that America was no longer the World’s leader except in Covid19 deaths because the current leader of our country really had nor has a plan for dealing with the pandemic, nor despite his bluster about the AFA over the last four years, was never, nor is he now prepared to offer specifics on a medical plan for the American people even in the midst of this pandemic. Trump’s plan as president simply put is to get reelected and to tarnish the legacies of his predecessors which in his narcissistic mind will somehow raise him n the eyes of history.


Final statements ultimately  brought it all back for me. Trump said nothing of substance. Joe Biden talked directly to the audience and stressed that his purpose was to bring back decency.


“I said at the beginning, what is on the ballot here is the character of this country. Decency. Honor. Respect. Treating people with dignity. Making sure that everyone has an even chance. Now, I’m going to make sure you get that. You haven’t been getting it the last four years.”


That was good enough for me even had I been undecided. America needs decency, honor and respect. America cannot survive another four years of bluster, lies and self promotion. Everyone in America is entitled to  dignity! There is no dignity in the Trump administration.


October 23, 2020                                                           Askold S. Lozynskyj