The exhibit Holodomor: Genocide by Famine was produced by the League of Ukrainian Canadians in cooperation with the Kyiv Memorial Society in Ukraine. Ucrainica Research Institute is responsible for sponsoring the research of this exhibit.


The exhibit includes panels ranging from opposition to collectivization, to why the genocide was organized, to how the genocide was organized (including the blacklisting of villages, ban on travel, and export of grain abroad), to why the Holodomor was indeed a genocide. The exhibit also includes a glossary, a map of the Holodomor area, panels on starving children and appeals for assistance from within the Holodomor area, panels on the organizers and perpetrators of the genocide, panels on denial and cover-up, panels on protests and attempts at relief, statements of survivors, government documents on the famine, and eyewitness reports.


The exhibit is comprised of 101 laminated panels, in full colour, each 11×17 inches in size, presented as a complete “EXHIBIT IN A BOX” with a supporting readable and searchable CDROM and printed collateral materials.