“Pathological liar. Sadist. Self-esteem is inadequate. Intelligence is low.


His personality is rapidly deteriorating.


He lives in a parallel world, is cut off from reality, and is completely out of touch with real life.


He doesn’t understand it.


How people live, how they feel, what they dream about, why they suffer — this moral idiot cannot even imagine that.


And he doesn’t want to…


Having created an artificial, tightly sealed world around himself, where he slowly, for years, stewed in a cauldron of his own lies and cave prejudices, as a result he finally lost his mind…


He is incapable of love.


Very touchy and vindictive, probably, all the inferiority and desire to get even, to cause as much suffering as possible to everyone he touches, stems from childhood, where he was a starved, spineless and talentless runt running errands…


Cowardly and resourceful.


Eternal cowardice gave rise to excessive, often senseless cruelty in his actions and extreme, monstrous cynicism…


His view of the world is that of an evil test tube microbe.


His thinking is commensurate with the scale of his personality. He thinks narrowly, in stereotypes, with attitudes and slogans.


Like any tyrant, he is prone to mystifications, sacred meanings, and symbolism.


At the same time, he is terribly repressed, alienated, withdrawn and emotionally poor.


He compensates for his inferiority in all spheres of life by suppressing and destroying people…


His system of values has been cut short, narrowed to the primitive formula “friend or foe” and represents a set of ideological clichés.


However, the latter has long ceased to play any role and the manic ideas of the hegemon of an empire on Earth at any cost and by any means have come to the fore…


A terry fosterling of Stalin’s times with the psychology of a guard and an ordinary executioner.


Ordinary in everything, faceless, petty.


He absorbed all the mocking misanthropy of the office breed. Absolutely unprincipled.


Doesn’t have any established, more or less moral concepts, except for that of hardened felons…


A downtrodden teenager is hiding inside him, and outside he is trying to keep up the mask of a brutal, witty, one-of-a-kind guy.


His vocabulary is limited, his lexicon is replete with vulgar proverbs and criminal and police jargon.


People’s opinions about him are very important to him, so he is prone to posing and wretched, anecdotal machismo, like all repressed people.


It is clear that this is just a strained mask, and under it another one, and then another, and so on – until the very bottom, where in the gurgling, black, fetid and disgusting slurry, some bilious, downtrodden dwarf sits, clasping his shaking knees with his little hands…


As a politician, he is mediocre and insignificant because he looks only at the past and is afraid of any changes as a threat to his power.


And most importantly, he doesn’t know what change is, he doesn’t understand it…


Politically sterile because he is obsessed with his unlimited power.


Like a stalactite, he hangs alone in his dark cave and enjoys the dampness, darkness and echo of the pain of the millions of people he tortured…


Some people are still trying to delve into his soul to understand something there.


But it’s not there. Simply not there. There’s just one big nothingness inside…


And when the absolute worthlessness in the flesh gets into its hands unlimited power with the red button, then we get what we see today…


He wanted to go down in the history books, to become part of the Great Russian epic as the arbiter of destinies, but he will go down as a banal war criminal who has gone off the rails…


He wants to be feared, for people to be in awe of him, but everyone looks at him with contemptuous disgust, expecting his speedy death.


In hell, they are already looking at the clock. All is ready.”



Valeria Novodvorskaya was a human rights activist and a Soviet dissident. She died at the age of 64 in the intensive care unit of a Moscow hospital on July 12, 2014. The year when Putin invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. The month when Russia shot down the Malaysian Boeing. The cause of death was recorded as “toxic shock”. She was probably poisoned.


During the times of the USSR, Novodvorskaya was tried 3 times as a dissident.

Until the early 1990s, she was subjected to systematic persecution – forced hospitalization in psychiatric hospitals, interrogations, and searches.

From 1987 to May 1991, she organized anti-Soviet rallies and demonstrations in Moscow, and was detained by police 17 times and subjected to administrative arrests.

During the 1990s, she fought for democratic rights and freedoms in Russia.

In the years before her death, Novodvorskaya opposed the policies of Vladimir Putin.

She also actively supported the Ukrainian revolution and opposed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea.

It’s scary how right she was describing Putin.