On November 13, 2020, the Ukrainian people will honor Baturyn Memorial Day, remembering the heroic defenders of the town and its residents who gave their lives for the independence of Ukraine 312 years ago.

For what do we have to know the tragic fate of the Hetman’s capital? Every Ukrainian has to understand the essence of the Russian state policy towards Ukraine by the example of Baturyn and always remember that the lines of our anthem are about this: «We will lay our soul and body for the cherished freedom. Cossack blood will raise the nation of the joyous people». The readiness of the Ukrainian people to defend their Motherland was formed in the heart of Hetmanshchyna, in Baturyn!

Baturyn is the capital of Ukraine in Cossack times. Ukrainian state of Hetman Demyan Ignatovich, Ivan Samoylovich and Ivan Mazepa was established here. The crowning glory of Mazepa’s rule was an anti-colonial intervention against Moscow: during the onslaught of the autocracy, during the Great Northern War, the experienced and wise Mazepa entered into an alliance with Sweden. Mazepa’s speech was brutally suppressed, and Baturyn, the capital of Hetman’s Ukraine and a symbol of Hetman’s sovereignty, became the first and defining victim.

Baturyn of the Hetman’s power is the pride of every Ukrainian. Pride and pain. 312 years ago, the will of the Ukrainian people to independence was suppressed for a while by the power of Moscow weapons.

November 13, 1708 was an event of national importance. It is a day that changed the course of Ukrainian history. The Baturyn tragedy is a reminder to all of us, especially relevant today! It is also an awareness of the need to fight for our beliefs and statehood.

Baturyn today is a symbol of our strength, which is able to overcome time, cruel trials, powerful enemies and, like the Phoenix bird, to rebirth!

Due to the spread of the pandemic COVID-19, we do not invite you on this day in Baturyn… We ask you to spread the information about Baturyn Memorial Day in a format you can access in the current circumstances.

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