March 1, 2024


500 leading North American and European figures from the academic, military, cultural and political worlds are calling on the countries of the Ramstein coalition, starting with those that have been the most parsimonious to date, to increase considerably, both quantitatively and qualitatively, their military aid to Ukraine.


Die Tageszeitung (Berlin), 24 February: Waffen als echte Sicherheitsgarantie!5994180/


Linkiesta (Rome), 24 February: Ucraina: non possiamo mollare


Diari Ara (Barcelona), 24 February: Ucraïna: no ens hem de rendir


Zbruc (Lviv), 24 February: Україна. Не можемо здаватися!


Le Soir (Brussels), 26 February: Two years of war in Ukraine: We cannot give up


The Lithuania Tribune (Vilnius), 28 February: Ukraine: We must not give up


U4U network (EP/Brussels), 29 February : Appeal to the Heads of State and Government of the member countries of the Ramstein coalition


Rzeczpospolitej (Varsovie), in an article by Robert Biskupski, published large extracts on 1 March: „Gwarancje nie są warte papieru, na którym są spisane”. Apel w sprawie Ukrainy


Unfortunately, following a misunderstanding, Le Monde, which was about to publish it, did not do so. Attempts to contact other French newspapers were unsuccessful, as were those made to newspapers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Portugal, Austria and Finland. On a positive note, the appeal seems to have circulated well, particularly in Germany and Italy, thanks in particular to the work of Prof. Parsi, Andreas Umland and other signatories who have re-launched it on certain social networks.


As you know, the issue of the supply of weapons, in terms of quality and quantity, is far from being resolved. In particular, the shortage of 155 mm shells is causing serious problems for the Ukrainian army. Although stocks were available in South Korea and South Africa in particular, the European Union was unable to buy them because France, Cyprus and Greece vetoed purchases outside the Union. Although it seems that this veto has finally been lifted, there is nothing to indicate that all the countries in the coalition have taken the full measure of the effort required in terms of arms deliveries. There is every reason to believe that other initiatives will have to be taken.


Yours sincerely

Olivier Dupuis