By Joseph Katala

January 20, 2024



Amid an ongoing conflict with Russia that has stretched into its third year, Ukraine has made astonishing strides in artificial intelligence (AI). What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the crucial role played by the United States in supporting Ukraine’s rapid AI development.

As experts highlight the extent of Ukraine’s technological advancements, it becomes evident that this nation has outpaced tech giants like the United States and China.

U.S. catalyst for Ukraine’s success

Benjamin Jensen, a senior fellow of Future War, Gaming, and Strategy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, draws attention to an intriguing disparity in the approach to AI development between the U.S. military and Ukraine.

While the U.S. often adopts a top-down, resource-intensive strategy, Ukraine has been building its AI capabilities from the ground up. Jensen points out that Ukraine’s approach is “antifragile,” characterized by its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and practicality. This distinction underscores the significance of U.S. involvement in Ukraine’s AI journey.

Unlocking Ukraine’s AI potential

Brett Velicovich, a Fox News contributor embedded in Ukraine in 2023, was astonished by the technological advancements achieved by Ukrainian technicians. These advancements were impressive and largely unknown to the United States. Ukraine has harnessed AI across various domains, including:

Facial Recognition for War Criminals: Ukraine employs AI-driven facial recognition technology to swiftly locate and identify war criminals. This application has proven invaluable in bringing perpetrators to justice.

Drone Guidance and Target Selection: AI plays a pivotal role in improving the accuracy and efficiency of drone operations. Target selection and guidance systems have been enhanced to optimize military efforts.

Satellite Analysis for War Crimes: Ukraine relies on AI-powered satellite analysis for evidence of war crimes. This technology aids in documenting and addressing human rights violations on the battlefield.

Countering Disinformation and Propaganda: AI has been instrumental in identifying and countering Russian disinformation campaigns and propaganda, contributing to information integrity.

One of Ukraine’s standout achievements is the Delta situational awareness system. Unveiled in late 2022, this system integrates many AI-driven components, including visual recognition and geolocation mapping.

What sets Delta apart is its utilization of open-source data contributed by the Ukrainian populace. This innovative approach has streamlined data processing and facilitated on-the-ground coordination for Ukrainian forces, playing a pivotal role in their battlefield success.

U.S. foreign aid and Collaboration

James Hess, a professor at the School of Security and Global Studies at the American Public University System, emphasizes the substantial role of U.S. foreign aid programs in Ukraine’s AI advancements.

These programs have provided vital funding and fostered tech partnerships, including developing a digital identity system. Such collaborations have expedited aid delivery, improved civilian notifications during attacks, and aided in locating missing persons.

The battlefield environment is inundated with data, posing significant challenges in its management and utilization. AI serves as a solution to alleviate data overload by effectively processing and distilling essential information.

This approach is particularly crucial in Ukraine, where the sheer volume of data from the battlefield can be overwhelming. It’s worth noting that AI not only aids personnel but also sensor management, data processing, and the targeting process.


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