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November 3, 2023

THREAD As Congress debates additional support for Ukraine, the anti-Ukraine swamp will fill their  echo chamber by peddling myths and half-truths.

Here are the facts

FACT: We are not writing “blank checks” to Ukraine:

✔Every dollar spent in support of Ukraine is authorized by Congress and is used for a specific purpose

✔Approximately $70 billion of aid never leaves the U.S. Instead, it goes to support our worlding leading defense industry


FACT: For a modest sum of money, the US helps Ukraine dismantle Russia’s military w/out a single American in harm’s way:

✔+300k Russian troops KIA/WIA, 13,000 major pieces of equipment removed from battlefield

✔The original Russian invasion force from Feb 2022 no longer exists!


FACT: There is plenty of oversight for Ukraine aid:

✔Ukraine Oversight Interagency Working Group has 160 officials across 20 agencies monitoring aid

✔So far: “Investigations related to the Ukraine response have not yet substantiated significant

waste, fraud, or abuse.”


FACT: Europeans have now overtaken the U.S. the largest donor to Ukraine:

✔According to Kiel Institute’s aid tracker total European commitments are now more than double

those of the U.S.

✔20 European countries have given more to Ukraine than the U.S. as a percentage of GDP


FACT: A victorious Ukraine means a safer Taiwan:

✔Russia is China’s partner. A weakened Russia means a weaker China

✔Beijing is also watching how Western powers support Ukraine, so a strong and victorious Ukraine

makes Taiwan stronger and deters Chinese aggression


FACT: Europe’s stability matters to US economy:

✔45/50 states export more to Europe than China

✔When Americans are building something to be exported, that is an American job

✔European stability, which Russia threatens, brings untold benefits to the economy the American


FACT: Lessons from Ukraine make our military stronger:

✔Shortcomings in defense industry are exposed & being addressed. Thankfully, these were

uncovered when US not at war

✔The performance of US made hardware gets a real-world combat test in a way not possible in a



FACT: Lessons learned from arming Ukraine mean Taiwan is getting weapons faster:

✔For the first time ever, Presidential Drawdown Authority is being used for Taiwan

✔Taiwan’s order of HIMARS will now be arriving 1 year earlier than planned after U.S. reprioritized the sale


FACT: Iran and North Korea enable Russia to attack Ukraine. Russia supports Hamas:

✔Iran giving thousands of drones for use against Ukraine

✔North Korea giving +1 million artillery rounds for use against Ukraine

✔Russia protects Hamas at the UN. Moscow recently hosted Hamas


FACT: Ukraine is not “America’s new forever war”:

✔No US troops are fighting against Russia inside Ukraine

✔Ukrainians are not asking for, nor do they want, US troops to help them fight Russia

✔The US is not a belligerent in the conflict


FACT: The US is not engaged in a proxy war against Russia:

✔Definition of a “proxy war” is a war “fought by states acting at the instigation or on behalf of

other states”

✔The US has never instigated Ukraine to fight. The US is not forcing the Ukraine to fight on its



FACT: The US must provide both military & non-military to achieve the greatest affect:

✔Russia’s invasion eliminated 30% of Ukraine’s economy

✔Essential public services must function (e.g. law enforcement, utility workers, etc) for Ukraine to

remain on a total war footing


FACT: US aid to Ukraine does not cost “$900 per American household” as some suggest:

✔Income tax is not levied evenly across households

✔the top 1% of earners paid 42.3% of all federal income tax. The bottom 50% (those making

$42,184 or less) paid only 2.3% of all income tax.


FACT: US military aid to Ukraine is a boost to our defense industry:

✔After seeing effectiveness of US military equipment in Ukraine, NATO countries alone have *so

far* placed $90 billion in orders for US made hardware.

✔This makes America safer while creating highly-paid jobs