July 24, 2023

As technology progresses, warfare is also becoming different. Now one of the most important targets in Ukraine is actually electronic warfare systems, which are limiting the effectiveness of communications, drones and other devices that rely on electronic systems.

The spokesman of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Serhiy Cherevaty, revealed what Russian weapons they first look for on the battlefield. It is very important to destroy them quickly, because they can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the Ukrainian units.

Cherevaty says that the defenders of Ukraine are constantly on the lookout for Russia’s electronic warfare systems. Such weapons as Borisoglebsk-2, Zhytel and Pole stations do not look very threatening at first glance. They don’t have guns, or impressive missile systems, but they cause a lot of headaches for the defenders of Ukraine.

These are electronic warfare systems, which are not even very new, but the tactics of their use are rapidly improving and on the modern battlefield they are particularly important. They cause a lot of delays in the operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Cherevaty noted that it is necessary for Ukraine to strengthen the foundations of electronic warfare. The good news is that there is a fairly good school for this specialty in Ukraine. There is also an understanding that electronic warfare systems are extremely important.

Electronic or electromagnetic warfare systems monitor various radio frequencies emitted by weapons equipped with electronic systems. And these are the most modern weapons. In addition, electronic warfare systems can perform jamming operations that can simply disable some aircraft, missiles or communications equipment.

For example, these systems can break the connection between the drone and its pilot. You don’t even need particularly large weapons for this – electronic anti-drone weapons are quite compact. Large electronic warfare systems monitor enemy communications at large distances and can jam them too. They can affect navigation systems, radars, and other devices.

Cherevaty emphasized that this war forces everyone to constantly learn and improve. Technology is moving forward and the war in Ukraine is unique in the variety of weapons used, including small drones that often suffer from electronic warfare weapons.

“The enemy wields powerful electronic warfare. We will increase our efforts in this area. The enemy, unfortunately, does this too. Yesterday we destroyed another of their electronic warfare stations. Such stations are one of our priority targets. We are constantly trying to find and destroy enemy stations Borisoglebsk, Zhytel, Pole”, Cherevaty said.

He also noted that electronic warfare systems are a very powerful weapon against the Russian Lancet drones that regularly attack Ukrainian military equipment.


Written by Povilas M.