February 24th will mark a year since Russia began its further invasion and genocidal war on Ukraine.

On Monday, I stood in the House of Commons to mark one year of brave Ukrainian resistance to Russia’s full-scale invasion, to honour the Ukrainian people fighting for their freedom and ours, and to solemnly commemorate the victims of Russia’s genocidal war.

The Ukrainian people have been severely outnumbered and outgunned. Despite that, they have shown great courage in defending their homeland – their courage has inspired Canadians and has inspired people around the world.

Notwithstanding that courage and resolve, the situation is dire.

This is an existential crisis for Ukraine.

Russia is committing genocide every day.

There are millions of refugees in and outside Ukraine.

Hundreds of millions in the global South are facing food shortages and famine.

Russia’s full-scale invasion has been a primary cause of food and energy price inflation around the world.

This is a threat to not only Ukraine’s security, but to Global security and to Canada’s security.

Canada’s support for Ukraine has been unwavering, but if now and in the future we want to stop genocide, starvation, inflation and protect our own sovereignty and security, we must do what it takes to help Ukraine achieve a decisive victory that includes all of its territory.

Ukrainians are fighting for us and we must keep fighting for them – not for another day or week or a year, but until they win.

Until we all win.

Yvan Baker

Member of Parliament

Etobicoke Centre