October 24, 2022


In the midst of the accusations and hate vandalism, the Ukrainian community has endured Nazi labels, and has repeatedly said this was part of the disinformation campaign created and coordinated by the Russian regime against Ukrainians. If one thinks the Nazi labels levied up on Ukrainians by Vladimir Putin started on February

24, 2022, they are mistaken. This campaign has been going on for decades by Russian operatives in the West and sympathizers of the Russian historical narrative of disinformation.


We are thankful to the Edmonton Police Service for diligently investigating and making an arrest for the trespassing and defacing of our monument of Ukrainian military commander Roman Shukhevych (and another to fallen Ukrainian soldiers at St. Michael’s Cemetery) in the middle of the night on August 6-7, 2021.


Shamefully, it seems the accused, an internet newspaper editor, planned, created and executed his own crime, and then tweeted the self-created fake news story worldwide. We trust the trespassing and defacing of our property will result in a conviction with a just penalty. Members of the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex always have stood and continue to stand with Ukraine and defend it and our community from Russian disinformation and from today’s terrorist aggression in Ukraine.


Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine!


League of Ukrainian Canadians – Edmonton Branch

League of Ukrainian Canadian Women – Edmonton Branch

Ukrainian Youth Association CYM – Edmonton Branch

Ukrainian Youth Unity Council