April 21, 2021

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee advanced the Ukraine Security Partnership Act. The Committee stated, “This legislation increases and improves U.S. military support to Ukraine and sends a message that the United States will continue to support the people of Ukraine, their ability to defend themselves, and the country’s democratic transition.”

Committee Chairman Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) stated, “I am glad that the Committee overwhelmingly signaled the United States’ unwavering, bipartisan dedication to our friends in Ukraine, who are on the frontlines of Russian aggression, with the passage of this bill. As Putin continues to escalate the situation along the border with Ukraine, we are speaking with one voice in reaffirming our steadfast support to the people of Ukraine and our commitment to protect our national security interests and our closest partners. I look forward to working with Senator Risch and all of my colleagues to urge passage of this critical security assistance package by the full Senate.”

Key provisions of the bill:

•           Requires the president to report to Congress within 15 days whether Nord Stream 2 AG, the company building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and 19 other entities are eligible for sanctions under the Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act;

•           Reaffirms the United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s democratic transition, to deterring Russian aggression toward Ukraine, and restates our refusal to recognize Crimea’s illegal annexation;

•           Authorizes $300 million in foreign military financing (lethal and non-lethal), of which $150 million will be subject to conditions;

•           Allows Ukraine to receive expedited excess defense article transfers;

•           Authorizes $4 million for international military education and training;

•           Requires a strategy on vulnerability to predatory investments in Ukraine’s defense industry;

•           Requires a report on the strategy for how the United States will support Ukraine diplomatically;

•           Encourages the creation of a Ukraine working group with European allies; and

•           Encourages the appointment of a special envoy for Ukraine on negotiations and regional issues.