Brandon Gage

January 10, 2021

Hill Reporter


If you thought this week’s news cycle could not get any crazier, 2021 has thrown us a curveball as a reminder that in the upside-down world of Donald Trump’s pitiful presidency, all roads inevitably lead back to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


A photograph was taken at Wednesday’s armed insurrection at the United States Capitol in which a notorious Ukrainian conspiracy theorist named Sergey Dubinin, who has deep ties to Putin and his billionaire henchmen, is captured elbowing with one of Trump’s sectarians – the dude donning Viking horns and furs, to be precise.


Michael MacKay, an internationally-renowned political pundit, whose niche is the complex relationship between Russia and Ukraine, started connecting the dots on Saturday.


“A tie-in between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the insurrection in the United States, Sergey Dubinin, is an infowarrior for Inter TV, nominally owned by fugitive oligarch Firtash but beneficially owned by Putin’s pal Medvedchuk,” MacKay wrote on Twitter.


“One of the reasons the United States is faced with insurrection is its failure to understand and take seriously Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” MacKay added. “The U.S. has failed to declare the so-called ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ to be terrorist organizations, or Russia to be a regime of state terrorism.”


Curiously, five hours before MacKay shared his observation, Russia attacked several defensive military outposts in Ukraine.


“Today Russia attacked Luhanske and Vodyane in Ukraine. The foreign invaders struck at customary targets: the Svitlodarsk Bulge, north of occupied Debaltseve, and trenches on the perimeter of free Mariupol. (situation report from Joint Forces Operation, Armed Forces of Ukraine),” tweeted MacKay.


Given Trump’s corrupt relationship with Putin, and his wholesale indifference to upholding the presidential oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, was Dubinin’s presence at Trump’s pointless attempt at a coup a signal to Putin that he could launch a consequence-free invasion of Ukraine?


Would anyone actually be surprised?